Oak Ridge Investments


Oak Ridge Investments was looking to enhance client and employee communications through the use of technology.  While Oak Ridge had a technology based conference room, the technology was dated and limited functionality.  Oak Ridge wanted to enable web and video conferencing in their new conference room while maintaining an easy to use platform for presentations.


Buzzfire consulted with Oak Ridge Investments and determined that they had been using Skype for Business internally.  Working hand in hand with Oak Ridge’s IT staff, Buzzfire designed a solution using Polycom with Skype for Business integration.  In addition, Buzzfire implemented a speaker tracking technology called Polycom Director to enable a more immersive video conferencing experience.  Touch screen control combined with Barco’s popular ClickShare technology provided an easy to use room system


  • Increased employee and client communications
  • Lower travel costs utilizing both Video Conferencing and Skype for Business
  • Increased conference room utilization through ClickShare and easy to use touch screen control

Buzzfire quickly became the jeweler’s trust AV adviser and was then asked to assist in further digital media solutions throughout their Canadian and US retail locations.