Video collaboration. We have all heard about it, but what is it really? Is it web conferencing, video conferencing or both? And what about audio conferencing? How many times have you walked into your conference room for an important meeting and wasted 10-15 minutes in trying to get your PC connected or make a video call? Cancelled meetings or even worst, lost clients?

At Buzzfire, we believe that communications inside and outside your organization should be seamless. Lost or broken cables are a thing of the past. Multiple remotes or hard to understand control systems are no longer. In fact, Buzzfire assists our clients in establishing room standards that allow your employees to utilize virtually any room at in your organization in the same fashion.

Buzzfire is National Leader in Video Conferencing, Audio Visual Room Systems and Digital Media Systems. We are experts in Skype for Business, Polycom, Cisco, and all the components that make up easy to use and functional room systems. Buzzfire was founded on the vision that AV and IT will converge someday. That day has come.

So the next time you are considering new room technology or an AV upgrade, call Buzzfire. We will not only save you time and money, we will help your company be prepared for the future of AV!

Buzzfire, AV-IT Simply Done™

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